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Kashmir, What to do What to Leave

If there are three parallel lines of crisis in Kashmir today, I can draw many more. Resettlement issue of Kashmiri pandits, terrorism and youth employment, to choose any one of them on a priority basis is useless. There is already a disagreement because the obvious is what is visible to the naked eye and it is to negate the resettlement of Kashmiri pandits citing that they did not enough worked around during terrorism. The beguile part of Kashmiri villages still have militants on loose trips and the leaders like Masarat Alam do not refrain from playing with the cold set in the hearts. Both we and the leaders know that fire and cold are equally destructible and thus, when religious extremism has to be dealt with, India lets Kashmiri pandits too decide for a decent future for themselves.

Terrorism is still a rampant issue and it gets uglier in their seasons and reasons. To think of above consequences, our first instinct tells us to focus on the normalcy in the valley which however, cannot come without a genuine intellect and passion. Religious extremism has to be dealt with just as terrorism is getting no ground in the valley.

Should we then start thinking of Kashmir youth as scapegoats to this dharma/karma epic dilemma? Government is still not sure and insistent about the township for Kashmiri pandits but since this is no freedom war we fought for India, we cannot accuse the general public that they cannot live a respectable if not normal life.

No roof on head, empty stomachs, and all the dangers in incessant bad weather, it is very exemplary and in fact, are we keeping with them as a nation is debatable. Pakistan accuses us that we are not doing good to them as a sovereign nation and yes, we are not. Looking at the circumstances, why the government has not reserved some quota in government sector for kashmiri youth in Delhi and other states. They are Indians, well qualified and verified as civil citizens, then what is eluding them.
Giving them jobs out of their own states is not catastrophic, well there is good business in Kashmir and no one can replace this. Next, this idea can also be implemented for North-Eastern States like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh. The innovative ones may even include a perspective based on ethics. There is fair in our city where the prayer flags form an intrinsic part of the merchants' exhibition. We love their culture as very general, normal people. But what if the major production houses like garments, kitchen supplies, appliances take a clue from them, employ them and make instrumental in the supply chain.

The ideas are abundant and this comes being from a sovereign nation and besides, you know we will learn to enjoy, live and bask in our glory.


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