Tuesday, 30 April 2013

This Is It

Original Poem 'WHY' written by Neelam Dadhwal

Many roads I went on different times.
It leading to school, college or learning center.
The usual path for morning walk as timing and distance is set.
Being no-bus entry, it serves as an excuse.
There are charismatic buildings on its left.
I have traveled it many times.
I could find many of these at any site.
It does not have to be exceptional to be mine.
My first step were taken on this very road.
Why to ask I do not feel leaving it alone?

Contrast Poem drawn from above by Neelam Dadhwal

No roads, there to go now,
everything seems useless and expandable.
For morning are nothing dissimilar to nights,
rush of vehicles to kill solitude and draw mad.
Haughty mansions around increasing prejudice,
nothing to visit or to worth mention of.
What does it has to be even in common,
when I just do not belong, relate to it.
My life is far away from this environs,
still asking for me to extend my suffering.

 This post is part of Day 30 challenge set of Napowrimo Contest.

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