Monday, 22 April 2013

Taking a Pledge for Mother Earth

I read about our duties and rights too,
we get almost everything, we live on it,
how far is it justice, to seek always,
not look back, the footprints that cast in it.

The garbage we spill, everywhere,
water that runs off the tap, as we indulge,
use of plastics to bring the purchase,
we never look or create substitute.

Keep computers up, fans, lights on,
in gossip with friends, over lunch,
to boot we make excuses for glizty
accessory, cost more, not environmental friendly.

I have preened my space many times,
being silent I remained for people outside,
today I will pour in verses down, the rights,
we should feel as our responsibility.

There is nothing to abridge mountains or seas,
visited in my lifetime, the wrong done,
in parks, among colonies, industrial towns,
everyone with their fault.

To erase their carbon and toxic impact,
get and put in practice whatever,
possibly, learned, listened, read any time,
create what we want, greener spaces on Mother Earth.