Monday, 29 April 2013

Club Meeting

Today is club weekend meet day,
all will be bringing in suggestion surprises,
because our campus is a little world,
holding dreams of inexhaustible future.

Chinese today, what does Chan juan say,
zhájiàngmiàn is favorite for even batches,
since she is new entrant and remain quite curled,
will make her comfortable with our ritual.

Aasma, Nazreen and Heena, why stay at bay,
we tease them over their soft and hushed voices,
adding language dictionary is what may be proposed,
to make out what is 'rukhsat', 'taweel', 'faramosh' and 'qatal'.

Ladies will be dressed representing seasonal hay,
light pink and white, summers at full slices,
learning arts, crafts, literature country wise destined,
some on list stated Halloween hangman, Xiangqi and Wu Syr.

This post is part of Day 29 challenge set of Napowrimo Contest.

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