Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Way Beyond Wi-Fi

Shri Narendra Modi’s or BJP’s strategy to reach out to public using internet technologies and social media has been an inspiration to Shri Arvind Kejriwal AAP’s team too. Welcoming the newly elected Delhi Chief Minister from the ruins of chaotic bureaucracy, it is a true pleasure to study this new direction in our democracy which roots to weed out corruption.

In the past months, if something has been pertinent it is only a good communication.  Not only between what is said and is meant there remains the difference, the people are leading in the direction of trust based on the information provided. There is no suggestion to the CM but we are here to listen but more importantly talk.

There is no suggestion that could be good if not workable for the government, but the dissention has deep roots. Perhaps, a good image of a ruling party which gradually undertakes the tasks can mitigate the impacts of the most crowded and active city of India. The people have their eyes, ears and mouths open to everything that goes around. Can a complaint appraisal system in any way beneficial? 

I feel it is not so important to raise a complaint as to get a sound impression of what is going around.
AAP’s plan is to make Wi-Fi available throughout in New Delhi for better governance and through all the information that could guide one to efficiency and safety is all in the plans. What we need is not such this huge resource but a system to detect if only a human mistake remains a concern to ethically eradicate a situation rather than through technological assistance.

New Delhi’s citizens have the most audible and strongest voice in India that comes forward to each and every cause in front. It is important that this does not remain a fiasco.  

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Need for Decency

Male chauvinism be in upper class or the lower caste does not stops from denigrating the women’s place in the society. We cannot sideline the family tendencies when the male dominance becomes the result.

Importantly, this trend becomes behavior too, to look upon the women besides the barrier of caste, creed and color as some fragile creatures they must control and nurture at will. The women cannot fight this discrimination by cutting out layer by layer prejudice on various scales. Many of the same metrics are also indiscriminately used against a woman by the kin of other women or by the women herself. For instance, color discrimination is most common and highly prevalent in Indian societies. The women cannot wait to get literate by earning graduate and postgraduate degrees. 

The important is that the administration should know that they are coming out and in doing so, provide an environment where every other person, men or women should respect each other.

It is the barrier of decency the common masses has broken. The rape tendency is the most grueling and shocking fact of the women status in India. Though its nature differs because women can also be wrong but when the government started to give the right to cause justice by the common masses.

We do not only need right to be protected, we need women duties to be defined by the law too but not the misery of ongoing male chauvinism should be tolerated.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

In Speculation

I read the article on Ordinance Raj but somehow how political it was. The writer (I do not want to name) was solely appeared to focus on his party mission rather than having raised the real question. Some truth, well could be discomforting. 

It is not only that our opposition have near-sightedness disorder but also there is no mechanism in place if they wanted a proper dialogue with the ruling party.

Obviously, we take the glitches in government as normal. There will be goals and milestones but not without obstacles. You cannot grow pulses from wheat without sowing the wheat first. There is whole lot of cycle which the running government is missing. It tend to support the Garib Mantra of our country (in benefit of lesser privileged) but it starts with the mightiest who will fail in long run because so far so undone.

Here is a point, where a common pen will start writing and even yielding a proper perspective. What misses through the laid laws is one that the government or any legal authority starts to unfollow it because they of their personal ideology or trying to create a national one.

In order to project an ideology (Make in India), the current government is unduly pressuring some companies. Change comes easy to some but others just fumble up their services causing the effect of Mandal commission among those above the poverty line.

Everyone is concerned about below the line but the struggling middle and upper class are the actual pestle in the whole process and those when churned themselves are nowhere highlighted, given compensations or even recognized for their efforts.

Should what our government goes away with shining and flying colors after each five years be really recognized? How far the apathy of the medium  strata remain part of novellas and novels? Should they also be bundled with the habit of speculation?

Sunday, 28 December 2014

I Really Do Not Write A Movie Review (Fiction)

I really do not write a movie review but then it is about aliens. Aliens, I looked for them around and they were not hard to find. There was once a narrow road between govt. apartments and an old age home where the passers by were usually office goers, seldom women and young. Yet since it leads to a temple, I was bound to it and passing by but an old woman inmate avoids my glances.

Years later, I understood about the nature of the building and its services. I went on to ask permission to create a Facebook group and a charity portal from Social Welfare society under whose aegis the building and its inmates were.

They showed the monthly activities arranged for them, their monthly expenses such as issue of library books, medical checkups, etc. They told me that they are properly looked after but if I still feel the need, I can go ahead with my plan.

I was fussed over a bad delivery from a well-known online supermart. I went to consumer redressal forum to become a member to undergo a course to become an activist. I wanted to raise a social awareness about the consumer rights. However, I found that the society has long been inactive and evicted from the place. I then went to district courts and was given proper consumer dispute forms and directed to follow the procedures. I filled and later got dues because of all damages I suffered due to negligence of online supermart.

I felt however, a year was long enough and if anyone did wrong here and brought much mental anguish was me. There was no consolation for this from the courts. I was indifferent or alien to myself.

Neelam Dadhwal: This discussion is leading towards right direction and I am really happy about this.

Yes, I believe that the believers/followers of a certain religion add their laws and external concepts to support/practice what their religion is truly asking them to do. That is why many religions fade away and/or these laws seems discomforting over long time because everyone has a learning curve and also circumstances change.

To decide which law should be prevalent today can be done with proper discussion, insights into the religion, cultural past and bringing up valid point to support or nullify it.

Number of events occurred around me, still when I was young without a job or a responsibility to own one. I watched a colony where the laborers were living a horrifying life with open sewerage and no basic utilities. But eventually, the colony was lifted and the laborers were given shelter under various schemes.

I was witness to all the apathy but felt despite all the changes and of government, I am an alien in bringing this impact. I felt I was looking for aliens but ended up being an alien myself.