Sunday, 24 May 2015

Seeking OM


What form is the eternity
through the masses of sub consciousness
come full round my sole of feet
on this barren earth where
I planted my seeds of desire,
let me know now of my reach
in which strands and how
OM flows in my veins, my breath
how OM is in the breeze of forest memory,
how OM is in the flowing water,
how OM is the stop and undulation at the traffic lights,
how OM travels on serpentine rail tracks,
how OM identifies my self over the surprise lands,
how OM scales everything as for me in lifetime,
I am a seeker of enlightenment,
through the first word from my tongue
may I know of peace, love and existence.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Moral Conduct - How Aruna Shanbhag Should Matter

Even in the God’s own country, we do not expect incredulous from the situations complicated and bizarre. The fine line is demarcated, whether not for the politicians, police, bureaucrat or a layperson.
What do we expect when a person lie in vegetative state for 42 years because someone assaulted her stopping flow of oxygen to her brain? Aruna Shanbhag case is a special one, it asks us about the human dignity. Whether we should wait for 42 years or nip it when it is quite clear for any misery is according to wise should be left to medics.

Time and again, we want death by hanging to be repealed. Certain cases like Nirbhaya brought the focus back, largely due to public anger and a necessity that anyone should be able to understand one’s moral duty when in the society. Aruna’s case was complicated in sense that no layperson can easily fathom till the suffering is greater in sense. Is sodomizing by itself less cruel? The innocents being molested in the schools, by a neighbor, or even parent, is it okay.

We in India, take pride in our philosophy that has allowed us to live and manage diversity. While the whole world is embroiled in issue of deep chasm, here we within the territory of some kilometers live in harmony with people who not only have different opinions but also behave differently on common issues.

Yet, here we are scared to talk about rape, molestation, teasing, sodomy, marital rape, domestic abuse and a lot of issues. We let the victim lurk in dark, face her challenges alone on ventilator, in coma, in vegetative state. We should be glad we at least spoke in case of Nirbhaya but many cases will still go lightly. Since there are always more than one face of these situations, women are also not always right, we tend to argue.

Aruna Shanbhag however, shakes us out of our inhibition. It tells us to discuss, debate, to start forming ideas and solutions. How we should treat the victim? How we should as a society educate ourselves? How we should minimize this trend of human suffering? How brutality should be condemned? How even a dog is better, who does not evolve to become a monster or a sinner?
Human beings are supposedly even by their bodily virtue can be quite hostile. There is no restraint when the technology or even techniques like use of iron rod is applied in carrying out the misdemeanor. Police is doing the work, working on new methodologies but something cruel like this often, almost everyday is grabbing the headlines nowadays. The justice system and education system possibly lack some orientation but importantly, it is us. The public even in its absence has an impression on the mind of a person. How often have you wandered in the night but never committed a theft, or a murder. It is not how we are, it is how the society works.

Even an individual upbringing and personal orientation is important. It is important to understand where the crime ratio is increasing, there is some dangerous mindset evolving. We should better watch and resolve for some action, till it strikes any of us.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Morning Stress

Morning Stress

The pitched note of a newspaper
the fragile walls will come later
there is no time in noticing
why an auto by its noise an old factory (somewhere in derelict)
waits on to cargo,
no noise the hurried in yoke
the two-, four-handed
and a non-karmic transcending
on phonetic, semantic and context of language
these waves yet mysterious
and a longing the barren earth to smell sweet
not like the rainy water falling from a slate roof
carried in a vessel,
slowly hymn
सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः।
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः॥
सर्वे भद्राणि पस्यन्तु।
माँ कश्चित् दुखभागभवेत॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥
the little saplings catching a shine little by little
a space between us
too creates the cycle of rhythm
leading on to.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Helping Oneself NGOs and the Government

Miracle cures, you must have read few posters in the narrow ways, over the poles, plastered on most crude and sketchy places where advertisement looks as instant panacea. Even the literate under the sun does not mind to amuse oneself with the happenstance of survival out of the least. NGOs have same effect, believe me or not, when in long term it does remain the revival of some truth but for the existentialism of it.

The truth is every NGO is though not the same, runs on a principle or a boarder subject to which underlying causes or circumstances have long become useless in order to substantiate the morality of those who are benefited by them. For example, every human has the right to wish for a boy or a girl to be born but when he/she starts to interfere in the natural process and legality of it, all reasons becomes irrelevant and education/enlightenment takes precedence.

Done this, NGOs have nowhere to move on to. There is often a bond with the masses to whom they cater, becoming a culture which starts as an intoxicant agent in other fields. For ex., conversions or no, scheduled castes that are helped by NGOs to get orientation and earn suitable income still feel helpless in making decisions like of matrimony which other people can. This segmentation which creates deep trenches within the society should be early warning to the charities.

The government has recently shut down Greenpeace and few other charities, humanitarian organizations because of the same reasons that they cannot be an administrator. Even legal process becomes difficult when the cases crop up that challenge the quota system in education and job sector and other society biases which actually are created with uniformity and sensibilities of a secular state. NGOs take on the verge that scales in between, they hold the government unnecessarily accountable for the issues which might be embarrassing on revelation or banal.

NGOs by their very nature, to serve other people in order to reach a goal, should learn to limit themselves whether their goals are met or not because sometimes achieving 80% of the objective becomes a solution. There is nothing wrong in being closed down, it only means someone is taking care of you while you can align the greater purposes for the right people in the suitable direction.