Thursday, 11 June 2015

June Passage

On first of this breeze
the leaves of this forest,
evolve large as that of lotus
beneath my eyes,
stifling the soil
stifling a stone that should be
and through a rough incline path,
an urge to slid not far,
an envious watch
there is a bridge too
keen for footsteps
and gradually a dry riverbed
which crumples, yet oblique
is passing by.

I have named not yet
the stones laid as milestone,
where a Lychee tree gush
its strawberry fruits reachable,
but untouched,
also the way as a serpent
for return of the ghost
in the summer heat
speaks of nothing,
no tales, no songs,
a proverb or sayings
like the banyan shoots
back to the earth growing.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Nuisance of cities and towns is in Summer when the sultry soiled wind get into homes through the little passages under the doors and of course, windows. No active plantation drive and various establishments, even the residential going for renovations always make the taste in mouth experience more bitter.

second day
the dripping tap water
no longer

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Whether the 15-day ban on Maggi was initiated in Delhi or Jharkhand but one think for sure today I had wholesome meal just on a thought with a little pinch of black pepper on curd (a substitute for raita). It was difficult to think one step how the rongi would have been prepared differently as I do when I prepare pulses or vegetables on an observable interval.

cluster of crop yield
                    between chaff and seed
                                             another day

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


I actually never liked the tiered buildings, except the government and private establishments. Thoughts of residential complexes always ruined the idea of a castle house, one I know I can't have. Yet when I thought of taking up challenge to stabilize in a career, I chose one of the flats on first floor within the sight of those up to 8-10 storeys.
turquoise sky finding the colors as in a poem